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The first face-to-face date is much more important than online chat for it is going to benchmark a new mate of a Ukrainian lady among the other participants in the race. How to be different but not bizarre to score points when meeting your future bride for the first time? Here are some Hot-To’s that will help you nail the first dinner with a beautiful female you want to be yours:

Do not splurge

As you might have heard, a lot of Ukrainian women will expect a foreigner to have tons of money. However, the fact that all Western or American men are wealthy is rather an assumption. Thus, a modern Ukrainian lady might try to suggest the fanciest restaurant to go in the neighborhood but the choice is also yours. Be ready to do an online research and explore your venue options to meet your spending expectations.

Wear your best suit

Watch out because your lady single is not only pretty but also has a keen eye on your looks. The chances Ukrainian brides will be impressed by you wearing the same Levi jeans you put on when repairing your car or old sneakers that you find to be very comfy are very low. Your first date with a Ukrainian lady is a perfect time to establish that meaningful connection you would like to last for long. Make sure you look your best!

Pick a romantic location

There are plenty of places to go to and a noisy café or a crowded sports bar is unlikely to help you when you meet your beautiful new acquaintance for the first time. Like many other Ukrainian women, this lady that charmed you online would prefer being in a quiet place with tasty food and relaxing atmosphere you both will enjoy. Polite and caring waiters, lounge ambience, and easy-going manner all together will do the trick to your future bride making her look forward to the next meet up.

Going Dutch is not the option

If you do not want a Stingy tag on yourself, be ready to cover the costs of a lady you are wining and dining with. As many other women in Eastern Europe, Ukrainian brides are unlikely to insist on covering their share for a romantic dinner with a guy they met online and find interesting enough to take their relationship to the next level.

Be attentive

Nobody will expect you to be silent for the whole evening and nod to every single word Ukrainian lady says, but make sure you listen carefully to what she says and react in a natural way. Excessive laughing and yawning will bust you letting Ukrainian women know you are either bored or not interested at all. A real conversation you both would enjoy must be a dialogue where everyone contributes once in a while enjoying the company of each other.